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 +===== Google Protocol Buffers: Report serialization =====
 +We next compared the serialization performance of the classic X-Trace library with the protocol buffers implementation.  One complexity involved in making this comparison is that the current report format is very minimal--simply a set of key/value pairs, with both the key and the value a String.  The protocol buffers spec allows for a direct implementation of this report format:
 +package xtrace;
 +option java_package = "net.xtrace";
 +option optimize_for = SPEED;
 +message ClassicReport {
 +  message KeyValuePair {
 +    required string key = 1;
 +    required string value = 2;
 +  }
 +  repeated KeyValuePair pairs = 1;
 +However, this is not very expressive (it doesn't support per-key types), and is not necessarily very efficient, though that depends on the underlying implementation of 'repeated' datatypes.
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